One Simple Trick To Make A Tough Day Feel Better

We’ve all felt it – a tough day is coming to a close, our little ones are finally asleep, we’re lying in bed, and then it hits us…

The unpleasant realization that you weren’t the mum that you wanted to be today. It’s enough to drown you in a pool of suffocating mum guilt and take your anxiety to levels that you don’t even recognize. Before we know it, we’re cursing ourselves, on the verge of tears, and wondering if our kids fell asleep feeling as unhappy as we do now.

We fall asleep feeling like that, and guess what, we wake up feeling like it too. It’s a vicious and miserable circle that is so, so hard to get out of.

Of course, I can tell you that you’re more than enough, that nobody is perfect, and that you should give yourself a break – and I will because it’s true! But that probably isn’t going to change your perception of how you acted compared to how you wish you had acted, at least not for very long. I know because I am TERRIBLE for thinking that I’m not doing enough, and nothing that anybody says can make me feel any better.

This one simple thing that I do before going to sleep not only makes me feel better, but it sets the foundation for how I’m going to act the next time I’m dealing with a tough day…


How your perception of the previous day will affect the next

Everything is energy, right? So when you go to sleep feeling negatively about the events of the day, you’re basically laying the foundations to have exactly the same kind of day tomorrow.

By changing our perception of the day, we can go to sleep feeling good about it. AND we can start designing the kind of day that we are going to have tomorrow!
And the best part is, it actually works.

How to do it…

  1. When you go to sleep at night, replay the worst parts of your tough day. Or the parts that you wish had gone differently.
  2. One by one, change them to what you wish had happened instead.
  3. Finished!

It’s that simple.

Maybe you didn’t let your toddler help with the cooking, they got upset, and you wish that you’d said yes. (My bedtime guilt track often sounds like this one).

Now, before you go to sleep, just picture yourself saying yes instead. You’ll feel much better about it and you’ll say yes next time. I guarantee it.

By Keira Leane Shepherd
Reproduced with kind permission

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