7 Stress-Free Tips for Flying With a Toddler

Whilst the idea of taking your toddler on a long-haul flight might be causing you to lose sleep, know that it doesn’t have to be stressful.

A little preparation and conversation ahead of the flight can go a long way - and we’re going to share exactly how to do that today.

In this post, we’re going to look at 7 stress-free tips for flying with a toddler. Who knows? You might actually have fun! But let’s keep it real...

Pack smart

When it comes to your carry-on, you’re going to want all of the necessities to be easily accessible. Pack only what you’ll need for the duration of the flight so that you don’t have to face 30 minutes of searching every time your toddler asks for a snack!

Bags with handy pockets are great for plane journeys as you’ll be able to organize everything into efficient and easy-to-access areas.

Bring snacks

Pack a variety of healthy snacks that your toddler loves and that will take time to eat - apple slices are a perfect example! Slow snacks will keep your little one occupied - by ensuring they’re healthy, you also don’t need to put stressful limits on how much they can eat during the flight.

Save the best distractions

If you have packed activities that you know your toddler will love, save them for when you need them. Sure, it can be tempting to grab the fun activities the moment the plane takes off. But you’ll be grateful that you didn’t when your toddler is out of control 5 hours into the flight...

Plan for tantrums

The hardest parts of the plane journey are likely to be take-off and landing as your child might suffer from a little pain due to the changes in air pressure. During this time, have a delicious snack or new toy at the ready!

Go with the things they love

If your toddler is into Paw Patrol, bring a Paw-Patrol-themed coloring book with you! Whatever they most love at the moment is what’s most likely to keep their attention during the flight. Go with it - you’ll be glad you did.

Encourage play before sleep

Although soothing your toddler to sleep as soon as you board the plane might feel tempting, once they wake up you’ll have an entire journey of entertaining a toddler ahead of you. Give them a little time to play before encouraging them to take a nap - you’ll have worked through some of the flight and have less air time to fill when they wake up.

Talk about the flight

A great way to prepare your toddler for the flight is to talk about what’s to come. You might like to explain the seat belt light in advance a few times so that putting it on is less of a struggle! Once you get onto the plane, point out the light and ask them to tell you whether it’s on or off and what that means.

Another great tip for getting your little one to wear their seat belt is to ask the airline staff to explain to your child that they absolutely must wear it when the seat belt light is on.

Do you have any other tips to help parents get through a flight with a toddler?  We would love you to share them with us!


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