What’s So Great About Gratitude?

You’ve probably noticed that gratitude is the new buzzword in the world of self-development. But if you’re anything like I was you might be wondering what’s so great about it. I knew that gratitude was about appreciating the things around us, but I didn’t really understand what the point was other than simply being grateful. This is, undeniably, a good trait to have – but I couldn’t help wondering what the real point was.

I used to write gratitude lists regardless. I knew that it was important for self-development (because that’s what I’d heard) and that it had something to do with manifesting and the Law of Attraction, so I did it.

So what’s so great about gratitude?

The more I learned about spirituality and self-growth, the more I came to realise that gratitude was the glue that held it all together. It’s also a great starting place.

So if you’re just getting started with spirituality and self-development (which are, by the way, the same thing), this post is going to help you understand the power of gratitude just that little bit faster.

The Law of Attraction

This, in a nutshell, is the ability to bring things into our lives based on our thoughts. You might have heard of manifesting, and if not, a quick summary is that it’s a way of creating with the Law of Attraction to invite a certain thing into your life (eg. a new house, a partner, pregnancy, a holiday, or maybe a whole lotta money).

What we invite into our lives (or manifest) is all to do with the energy that we put out. After all, the universe can’t read our thoughts and it doesn’t speak English, it works with energy.

Negative energy = experiencing things that you perceive as being negative.

If you feel like you’re going round and round in the same old situations listening to the same old thought patterns with no idea why bad things keep happening and wondering what you can do to change it, have a look at your thoughts. Notice the energy that they’re creating in your body. The energy will appear as a negative emotion such as frustration, anxiety, impatience.

So, how do we change our energy?

If good thoughts = good energy, we need to think more positive thoughts to create positive energy in our bodies and emit that into the world around us.

And THAT is where gratitude comes in.

No matter what you’re experiencing, there’s something positive that you can bring your attention to.

We can be grateful that tough situations help us to grow.

We can be grateful that we’re able to breathe, shower, and eat!

We can be grateful that the sun is shining.

We can be grateful that 2 weeks of rain means lots of muddy puddles for our little people to enjoy. And lord knows Peppa Pig has made that a reality.

Gratitude is a practice intended to bring a smile onto our faces and into our hearts. When we write gratitude lists or make a mental note of the things we’re grateful for, we’re focusing on the positive things that we’re experiencing as well as appreciating the important lessons that we’re able to learn through the more difficult situations in life.

In short…

Gratitude is a quick way to create positive energy by focusing on all of the great things around you. Something that, in turn, will invite more positive things into your life!

Positive energy = things happening that you perceive as being positive! (Even if that’s simply changing your mindset around something that you could originally only see the bad in).

Next time you feel crappy or desperate to improve your situation, write a gratitude list. Write down anything and everything that comes to mind, and as you write, take the time to feel how grateful you are for each thing. With practice, you’ll eventually feel lighter and more at peace the moment that you think of something you’re grateful for.

So tell me...

What are 3 things that you can be grateful for right now?

By Keira Leane Shepherd
Reproduced with kind permission

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